Toronto's First Graduation of Piano Technicians with College Diplomas!

  • Jul 28, 2023

The graduation ceremony for the inaugural and second class of piano technicians with college diplomas from the Piano Tuning Department of the Canadian Music and Arts College took place on July 21, 2023, at the Cardanza Piano Performance Hall in Toronto, Canada. This marks a significant milestone as the first graduates with college diplomas in piano tuning will now serve various communities in the field of piano tuning in Toronto.

Image: Group photo of graduates in academic gowns

The Canadian Music and Arts College is a relatively young institution, but it has made a profound impact on arts-based vocational education in Canada. Firstly, it stands as the only college in Canada that offers a specialized diploma program in piano tuning. It boasts an experienced and robust team of instructors, an advanced teaching system, well-equipped piano tuning classrooms, and thousands of pianos of different brands and models for student practice. Such a powerful combination of hardware and software in the field of piano tuning is unique in Canada. Consequently, it has attracted students not only from Ontario but also from other provinces, as well as friends from North America and Asia. Additionally, the college offers other programs known as "keys to employment," including orchestral instrument repair, piano teaching, new media production, and cutting-edge fields such as AI-enhanced graphic design and UI/UX design. The young college is rapidly and steadily growing.

Image: Snapshots from the event

Founder and President of the Canadian Music and Arts College, Ms. Teresa Wang, delivered the keynote address at the graduation ceremony, encouraging the students from both classes to continue their dedication to piano tuning and maintenance skills. She wished them success in contributing their expertise to the piano tuning industry in Toronto and across Canada. Ms. Teresa Wang is an accomplished graduate of McMaster University and serves as the President of both the Canadian Music and Arts College and the Ontario College of Technology, making significant contributions to vocational and technical education in Ontario.

Image: Ms. Teresa Wang

During the graduation ceremony, the Canadian Music and Arts College publicly appointed Mr. Henry Hong as a Tenure Professor, and the appointment certificate was personally presented by President Teresa Wang. Mr. Henry Hong, formerly the Chief Piano Technician at the Tom Lee Music, possesses over 55 years of experience in piano tuning, making him a prominent figure in the Canadian piano tuning community. His appointment at the college is expected to make significant contributions to nurturing talents in the field of piano tuning in Canada. Mr. Hong expressed his gratitude upon accepting the appointment and provided heartfelt feedback to the graduating students.

Image: Mr. Henry Hong

Mr. Ping, Chunyang, a senior instructor who had previously taught at the China Conservatory of Music, was one of the graduates from the second class of the Piano Tuning Department. He performed Richard Clayderman's piano piece "Starry Sky" on a grand piano tuned by himself and received high praise from the audience.

Image: Mr. Ping, Chunyang


Representing the graduates, Mr. Sun Hao, who had previously worked as a recording engineer for CCTV News Broadcast, delivered a speech expressing his learning experiences. He expressed gratitude for finding a solid theoretical foundation for piano tuning at the college, which he hadn't previously encountered in China. He attributed his improved piano tuning skills to the college's dedicated faculty and staff and expressed deep appreciation for their efforts.

Image: Mr. Sun Hao


In the concluding remarks, Mr. Yang Guang, Chairman of Sunshine Music and Arts Group, congratulated the graduates on their successful completion of the program and enthusiastically cheered them on for their future endeavors. He also revealed that the college would soon establish a Jingdezhen ceramic craftsmanship project.

Image:Mr. Yang, Guang


Established in 1998, Sunshine Music and Arts Group is a comprehensive cultural industry company with the mission of promoting music and arts culture and cultivating artistic talent. Over the past 20 years of development, with the support of friends from all walks of life, it has grown into the largest used piano wholesaler in North America and one of the most influential companies in the piano sales industry in many regions. The group has received the JUPA North American Sales Champion award from the Japan Used Piano Association for several consecutive years, thanks to its outstanding quality and top-notch service. Throughout its development, the Sunshine Music Group has emphasized using professional services to drive market development in piano sales, repair, distribution, and after-sales support, fostering a highly skilled and coordinated team that has earned consistent recognition from customers.
The atmosphere at the ceremony was warm and enthusiastic, attracting over 40 guests from various industries interested in piano tuning. Numerous media outlets attended the event to cover the ceremony. Teachers and students who couldn't attend the event sent their congratulations and well-wishes via video messages.